Alexander Davis



Alexander Davis is a performer, maker, and homosexual based in Boston Massachusetts. Alex strives to facilitate inclusive spaces where curiosity, rigor, and humor are celebrated and centered. Dance and movement are the strong connective tissue of his research into a variety of professional pursuits including physical performance, creative writing, fiber arts, arts administration, teaching, and cat sitting.

When Dancing

Alex received his MFA in Choreography and Performance from Smith College in 2023, and enjoys teaching and facilitating at the college level. Alex and his long-term collaborator Joy Davis have a dance theater company called "The Davis Sisters." Together they make evening length dance plays that revel in the absurdity of the human existence, imaginative glamour, and rigorous dramaturgical dance making.

When Not Dancing

When not dancing Alex is most likely knitting (its also totally possible that he is knitting and dancing at the same time). Alex also collects 20th century vintage male figure photography, watches Bravo, and drinks a lot of coffee (even though his therapist has asked him to please stop).