JaNiah Cooper



JaNiah Cooper is a dancer, choreographer, photographer, and filmmaker from the south side of Chicago. Her passion for dance began at the young age of 2. She has attended many prestigious programs such as Mayfair Academy of the fine arts, The Chicago High School for the arts, Joffrey NYC, CLI Conservatory & Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre. She has grown to become a mastermind in front and behind the camera. She strives to create breathtaking multi-disciplinary works of art that mimic the beauty of life and nature. Go to JaNiahCooper.com for more <3

When Dancing

JaNiah loves to embody the music & tell a story through movement. She has trained in many styles & forms of dance. In 2022, she signed with BlocLA Talent Agency. She is currently collaborating & choreographing works in Chicago.

When Not Dancing

Filmmaking, photography, social media managing, traveling, vlogging etc., she loves to create. While at the CLI Conservatory, JaNiah choreographed, danced, directed, & edited her debut film "Sunken." Audiences and critics left rave reviews after her electrifying film "Sunken" premiered. Dance Magazine notes that she "melds artistry and social action in 'Sunken.'"

JaNiah Cooper's Content