Amber Lux Archer

Palm SpringsShe/They


Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Amber began her professional career with the Atlanta Ballet after graduating from the school. Since then, dance has taken her all over the country, including Memphis, Portland, and Los Angeles. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed the varying experiences of dance, from stage to film and television and tearing it up on the club floor. Currently, Amber is a freelance artist and choreographer and loves teaching movers of all ages.

When Dancing

Their practice pulls from several techniques and styles of movement with the incorporation of love and joy at the forefront for inspiration. Amber experiences dance as a way to connect to self and others and is focused on empowering themself to play with form, fantasy, sensitivity, and awareness of the divine in flesh.

When Not Dancing

"Luxuriating in rest and relaxation.

Basking in the sun.

Laughing with family and friends. "

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