Charlie Henderson



Charlie is a zealous human being whose passions lie in movement exploration, human connection, and somatic-based healing. They are a dance artist and choreographer based in Portland, OR, who integrates their experience as an intimacy + empowerment coach into each of their classes. Their deepest desire is to support people in experiencing an authentic relationship with themselves, true liberation of the body, and the fullest expression of their pleasure.

When Dancing

A sanctuary for the powerful, familiar, and feral parts to be felt. Weaving authentic pleasure with the untamed and weird. A time for the wordless to be expressed through the nuance of depth and play. An inner knowing that now holds the title of ‘home’.

When Not Dancing

A forever student of psychology, tantra, nervous system based healing, and play. They can either be found as a barefooted wild child in the woods or a cozy home body playing music or nose deep in a book.

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Charlie Hendersonat BodyVox
Thu / 8.08 / 6:30 pm PDT
Dance with Charlie Hendersonat BodyVox
Thu / 8.15 / 6:30 pm PDT