Dominica Greene

New Yorkshe/her/hers


I am Dominica Greene, a Black woman who cherishes and channels my Caribbean heritage and Queerness into an art-based existence. Based in Brooklyn, New York, I make conceptual, body-based work, rooted in my belief that dance is not something to be learned, but an innate entity that we all have access to and are perpetually engaging with. Additionally, I am fortunate enough to collaborate with beautiful people who I respect and admire. I was a Dance Church teacher from 2018-2022 and still take IRL class in Brooklyn whenever I can. Let's stay in touch – find me at

When Dancing

Dominica believes in dance for community growth, dance for social change, dance for undoing, dance as undoing... She devotes her dance practice to learning and digging deeper every day, and funnels these fundamentals into various collaborative projects.

When not Dancing

When not “dancing,” you can find Dominica dancing. As dance, as well as the dance, is all around us and within us if we choose to see it.

Dance On-Demand with Dominica Greene