Dominica Greene

she/her/hersNew York


Hi folks ~ my name is Dominica Greene and what you need to know about me is that I am an artist and I am a mover. I am Black always and everywhere. It is important to me that you know that if you have a body, you are a dancer, just as I am. The only difference between a trained dancer and an untrained dancer is that a trained dancer received “training." Let’s dance, and revel in the togetherness and aliveness that it brings. All we need is LOVE (dance). I’ll meet you under the disco ball ~

When Dancing

Dominica believes in dance for community growth, dance for social change, dance for undoing, dance as undoing... She devotes her dance practice to learning and digging deeper every day, and funnels these fundamentals into various collaborative projects.

When not Dancing

When not “dancing,” you can find Dominica dancing. As dance, as well as the dance, is all around us and within us if we choose to see it.