Sienna Blaw

New YorkThey/Them


Sienna is a nonbinary movement artist who was born and raised in Austin, TX. They received a BFA and a whole lot of beautiful community and connections from the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College. In their professional life they are always pursuing opportunities to collaborate, improvise, learn, share, perform and pass it on. They were a curious, independent, adventurous kid, always barefoot, so it's quite lucky that they found a profession where those qualities can carry forward.

When Dancing

Sienna explodes and then creates some meaning from the chaos. Dancing is the first place they felt as if they could use their whole self to be understood. They feel the most alive, and the most creative and liberated when they are thrashing and swooning to a great song.

When Not Dancing

Sienna nests deeper in their funky apartment with their partner, sees as many shows as they can, and takes as many opportunities as possible to touch grass. They love spending time with their friends, family, and their two cats, Albert and Louis.

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Sienna Blawat Joe Goode Annex
Tue / 8.06 / 7:00 pm PDT
San Francisco
Pop-Up Class!
Dance with Sienna Blawat NOD Theater
Tue / 8.13 / 6:00 pm PDT
Dance with Sienna Blawat Prema Yoga Brooklyn
Sat / 8.31 / 2:00 pm EDT