Bringing the joy and release of dance to everyone since 2010.


Beginning as a small Sunday morning movement practice, Dance Church was created by Kate Wallich in 2010.

Over the course of a decade, a joyful community of dancers and non-dancers alike have turned Dance Church into a massive gathering of people around the world, dancing and sweating together.

In-person classes were hosted regularly in New York, Seattle, Portland, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles and have popped up in cities worldwide.

a dance church class from above
Dance Church Go

We created Dance Church Go — a streaming version of Dance Church that made it so we could still dance together from wherever.


Dance Church is on a mission to empower dancers everywhere. From teachers to takers, we believe that everyone is a dancer, and dance is for everyone.

From the studio to your living room, we envision a world where people can dance together from wherever — forever.

a dance church class from below

Committed to


Dance Church was established with the intention of creating a space that is welcoming to all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and identities. Our vision is to reflect diversity authentically and to embrace inclusivity in our offerings.

All Heart

We are committed to spreading joy through movement while building community physically and virtually around the world.