Become a Dance Church teacher, bring the sweat to your city.

I Our Mission

Dance Church is on a mission to bring the joy and release of dance to every body.

Dance Church is an all-levels movement class that offers a fun and inclusive approach to dancing. Designed for people of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, and identities, Dance Church is a community-centered space for people who want to move their bodies.

Each class is taught by a practicing dance artist, and from its start, Dance Church has invited new audiences into dance spaces in order to bring connection and financial support to teachers in a way that flexibly complements their dance careers.

II In Search Of

Seeking new Dance Church teachers in cities across the United States.

We are looking for dance artists who are community-minded, entrepreneurial, and excited about setting up classes and growing a Dance Church community in their city.

  • You are a practicing dance artist
  • You are a conscientious community builder
  • You are available to complete training within one month
  • You are interested in starting regular classes the following month

III Additional Information


Scalable Earning Teachers are W2 employees and are paid $60 per classes with up to 20 paying takers and $100 per class + $3 per paying taker for classes with over 20 paying attendees. For example if 10 people attend, this is $60, if 30 people attend, this is $190, and if 60 people attend, this is $280. Teachers can expense $75 or $100 per class for their venue, determined by demand in their city, and will be provided with necessary equipment like an AV adaptor, sweat towel, Aēsop spray, and monthly Spotify playlist account. Dance Church will not reimburse for travel or venue equipment like speakers.

Additionally, teachers are paid minimum wage for their time completing required training and setup prior to their first class, and ongoing $20 per hour for any required work outside of classes, for example attending teacher meetings.

Room to Grow In cities where community has been built over a long period of time, we have had over 100 people come per class. Please be aware that while Dance Church will help with marketing, growing a community to this size will take a lot of dedicated work and persistence over time..

Time Commitment

Starting your Class Getting a class off the ground takes at least a few hours a day for a few weeks, involving training, venue setup, marketing, community outreach and more. After that, it's ~5 hours per class including playlist building and offering the class itself.

Flexible Training Training is remote and mostly asynchronous, covering best practices, venue selection and setup, community-building strategies, ongoing marketing and tech. We ask that you complete training within 4 weeks of hire, and start your first class within 6 weeks.

Set Your Own Schedule Teachers have flexibility to set their own schedule through training, class setup, and teaching classes. There is also one virtual all-teacher meeting per month.

Teacher Benefits

Meet your Teacher Fam! You'll join in conversation with Dance Church teachers across the country, we have a creative and collaborative ethos.

Amplify your artistry Dance Church exists in harmony with your artistry. It invites broader audiences into dance spaces, and many want to get to know you and start coming to your other classes and performances. There are also opportunities to be featured in marketing.

Strengthen Grant Applications Dance Church can be a great way to fulfill the Community Engagement section of grant applications. This can be regular classes with your local community, a Pop-Up around a performance, or more collaborative partnerships.

Employee Benefits Teachers receive reimbursement for their Spotify account, partial phone reimbursement, accrued sick leave, and access to the Dance Church 401K program.

Ready to apply? Start the process

Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll reach out within one week. Those who qualify will be invited to a 1-hour screening call before the decision is finalized. We look forward to hearing from you — let’s dance.

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