Dec 20, 2022

Andy McShea receives Dance Magazine's 25 to Watch

Join us in sending Dance Church Teacher and dance artist, Andy McShea, a huge congratulations for receiving Dance Magazine's 2023 '25 to Watch'.

Rooted yet explosive, his wingspan like that of some ravenous bird, Whim W’Him’s Andrew McShea creates shapes that seem impossible. “His bones are like liquid,” says artistic director Olivier Wevers of this astonishing shape-shifter. McShea easily claims the focus onstage, evoking haunting narratives as he creates characters that are bold, vulnerable, unnerving. In Ethan Colangelo’sa vanishing thread, he’s a painter, the space is his canvas, and every part of his body adds color to his story and character. In Wevers’Cannibalistic Sanctuary, it’s the torque of his torso, head, then limbs, all wildly flexible, that makes him become the crawling creature, the wounded son. The past three years with Whim W’Him have brought great leaps in artistry and confidence for this dancer, who is, more than anything, a storyteller. “He invites me into a dance fantasy,” says Wevers. “An incarnation of the contemporary dancer I wish I could have been.” —Gigi Berardi

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