Sep 24, 2023

Meet Brandon, Eva, Roxanne, Severin, and Emma!

Celebrating community members in Salt Lake City and Palm Springs

This month at Dance Church, we're turning the spotlight on our remarkable community members – the embodiment of generosity, fierceness, and dedication! Let's come together to celebrate these incredible souls who light up our dance floor and inspire us all. 

For our last week, we are headed west to Palm Springs and Salt Lake City to highlight five of our community members!

→ First we have Brandon in Palm Springs

Why do you love Dance Church?

I love moving my body to music, feeling connected to the world and people around me. It feels special to see people come out of their comfort zones and let their bodies move freely, without fear of judgment or shame. I've had some real moments of 'true, unabated joy' in Dance Church, reminiscent of the happy innocence I felt in body movement as a kid. 

How long have you been taking?

I've been taking Dance Church classes for 3 months. 

What else do you want us to know about you?

Outside of my professional life as a market researcher and analyst, you can find me at a spin class or Pilates (obsessed), Dance Church (ofc!), hiking, at the movies, a concert, or just chilling with my dog, Wallace. 

→ Our second Palm Springs Highlight is Eva

Why do you love Dance Church?

I absolutely love how each class empowers you to move freely in a way that feels good to the person. A Dance Church class is always unique because you bring so much of yourself into each movement and I love seeing others in class experience that as well.

How long have you been taking?
I started taking class with Amber Lux Archer around May of this year in Palm Springs. 

What else do you want us to know about you?

I am very grateful to have come across Dance Church. The amazing energy from class has inspired me to create more and share with my community. I will be choreographing 2 pieces to be performed at the Coachella Pride event taking place on Oct 7th.

Next meet Roxanne in Salt Lake City

What is your relationship to dance church/movement?

Dance Church is all about community for me. I enjoy plugging into such an energized space and moving with my friends and neighbors. Masio and Melissa are incredibly uplifting individuals and create a space that is warm, welcoming, and just such a good time! Dance Church is my therapy.

How long have you been taking?

I just started this last spring when Melissa and Mase restarted the Dance Church classes here in SLC. I had heard about it before and was pumped to try it. That first class was packed, and I barely made it in! 

What else do you want us to know about you?

I love what Dance Church is doing for our local community. Being a community builder myself ( and @playground_danceproject), I know how important it is to have inclusive spaces in our city for moving and connecting. I love that Dance Church preaches the gospel of love and movement far and wide, and just so grateful to have a class here in SLC!

→ Meet Severin in Salt Lake City

Why do you love Dance Church?

Dance Church provides a safe space to gather and celebrate community through kinesthetic language. Dance Church is a place to groove without judgement. I’m able to take each class at my own energy-level, which challenges and strengthens my mind-body connection. The infectious energy from Melissa and Masio leaves me joyfully cathartic at the end of each class. Not to mention, every DC leader curates fantastic playlists <3 

How long have you been taking Dance Church?

If we are counting OG Dom: 2019. Melissa/Masio: 2023.

What else do you want us to know about you?

Severin is a SLC-based freelance dance artist from Maryland. She is obsessed with cats, is afraid of cars, and will always dance to the music in the grocery store.  

→ Meet Emma 

Why do you love Dance Church?

I really value the specific kind of intimacy that shows up in my relationships with the people I dance with. By inviting anyone and everyone into the room regardless of background, abilities, etc., we all get to share in that intimacy. I have a somewhat complicated relationship with dance during this season of my life, but Dance Church has always felt incredibly uncomplicated – It’s all about joy and expression, and not about the judgment of self or others. I also love scream-singing to some of the bangers Melissa and Masio play for us.

How long have you been taking?

I started taking class when Dominica Greene brought DC to Salt Lake City back in 2019! I subsequently enjoyed classes taught by Mar Undag and Courtney Mazeika until…y’all know…March 2020. After taking online DC here and there, I was ecstatic when it returned IRL to SLC this year.

What do you want us to know about you?

I’m a headstand-loving, leg-thwacking goofball born and raised in SLC. I love singing, badly playing the guitar, crocheting, and knitting in between being a part-time student and dancing my socks off.

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