Sep 18, 2023

Meet Robby, Louise and Rio

Three of our class takers from Boston!

This month at Dance Church, we're turning the spotlight on our remarkable community members – the embodiment of generosity, fierceness, and dedication! Let's come together to celebrate these incredible souls who light up our dance floor and inspire us all. 

For our third week, we bring to you three class takers from our new Boston classes! 

→ First we have Robby!

Why do you love Dance Church?

I love Dance Church because it helps me connect my mind, heart, body, and soul through movement, music, and community. I'm not thinking about words but instead the way my body wants to move in the moment. That sense of presence keeps me coming back to the dance floor.

How long have you been taking?

I started taking Dance Church classes online in early 2020, in those terrifying first weeks then months of the Covid-19 pandemic. I looked forward to the livestream every week because it was a moment when, even if I couldn't see them, I knew there were other people out there, dancing through the chaos. Taking Dance Church in-person in Boston with Carmen has been a whole new incredible experience. The energy in the room is everything!

Thanks so much for everything you do. Dance Church is one of my favorite things in the universe.

→ Second we have Louise!

I have loved to dance my whole life. At weddings, I'm the first on the dance floor and the last to leave. But I don't like following choreography- I want to be free, go as hard as I want, and feel the music. So, until Dance Church, I could never find a space that was designed for me to just be free and let it all out through dance! When the pandemic hit and Dance Church moved online, my friends who lived in Seattle told me I had to try it. I was instantly hooked and took every class I could. I have been waiting for it to come to Boston! I have a lot of responsibility in my life, so carving out Sunday mornings to dance has been really important for me. It's just such a joyful way to move my body and feel big things- both on my own and in community. 

→ Lastly, we have Rio! 

Why do you love Dance Church?

I love dance church so much! I don't know if I have words for's exactly the church I needed? Swirling that energy around really gets me? When we are all sweaty and moving as one mass it moves my heart? Dancing in the daytime is the best feeling? The teachers are the best? The people who go to dance church are the best? I love how everyone is so ready to smile and say hi and build community, like sharing a love for dance church is an unspoken sweaty thread that connects all of us.

How long have you been taking?

My bff lives in Seattle and she's been taking me since forever. I even used to book my plane tickets so I could catch a class. I would beg Kate to come to Boston each time. Then I had some family move to Portland, OR and I would also plan my trips so I could go to Dance Church there! Finally, Dance Church came to Boston and I was in heaven and then-boom pandemic. You know the rest. I’m so happy it's back!

Anything else?

Come to Dance Church! The more the merrier. I want that dance complex to be packed so it will stay forever.

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