May 31, 2023

Pride, Care, and Community: Philadelphia

Celebrating Radical Organizations w/ Natalie Gotter this Sunday

For Dance Church Philly teacher Natalie Gotter, Pride means care 🫂 Caring for yourself, caring for your community, and finding the safety to live fully 🏳️‍🌈 Pride is a celebration of the self, but also offers us the opportunity to find lightness, health, and joy, especially when times feel heavy 🪨 For Philadelphia Pride this year, Natalie is highlighting three organizations that embody the quality of radical care! These orgs are all supporting Dance Church on June 4th (Pride Sunday 🏳️‍🌈) at the Maas Building, and Natalie is honored to support them in return 🎉 Learn more about these inspiring orgs below 👇 and sign up for Natalie's Pride Class this Sunday at 10am ET here 💦

Arrive Therapy

If you are looking for therapy, you are probably hurt, scared, or confused. At Arrive Therapy, our goal is to be a safe place for you to find the help you are looking for and to experience real life changes. We are here to guide you and explore gender and sexuality with you, whether that understanding your gender identity, beginning your gender transition, coming out to family/friends/work, understanding your sexuality, navigating your work during transition, getting letter for gender affirming surgery, helping to access doctors for hormones/and or surgery, or participating in family therapy for members who are struggling with your gender identity/transition. There is so much to explore together!

Radiance Medical Group:

We believe everyone deserves compassionate and respectful medical care. We have spent most of our careers working in medically disenfranchised communities and have come to the understanding that the way medicine is practiced in the US does a disservice to patients, communities, and physicians.

We believe racism, sexism, homo/transphobia, and xenophobia are public health hazards. We believe the US medical system has perpetuated these rather than addressing them and their consequences.

We believe that addressing social determinants of health and trauma at individual and community levels is a key to restoring health. We work within a “Health at Every Size” paradigm, and realize that shaming people has never led to outcomes that are beneficial to well-being. We believe the word “fat” is a noun and adjective, not an insult or diagnosis.

We believe that while medical technology is great, relationships are at the heart of healthcare. The newest, most expensive trend is not often what is needed.

We believe in slow medicine – leaving the assembly line modern “medico-industrial complex” for Direct Primary Care affords us the time needed to address you as an individual person with unique challenges and gifts.

We celebrate diversity and do not discriminate in regard to race, color, religion, national origin, immigration status, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or disability.

Students Demand Action:

When lawmakers offered thoughts and prayers but little meaningful action after the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, high school and college students across the country came together to make our voices heard. Students Demand Action started in 2016 as a pilot program and, with a sense of urgency, we launched it as a national initiative within two weeks of the Parkland shooting. Because what could be more urgent than fixing the errors in our system that have cost so many young people their lives? Students Demand Action now has more than 600 groups across the country and active volunteers in every state and D.C.

Join a class in cities across the country, no experience needed!