Kayla Castellon



Kayla is a vibrant dance artist, movement educator, and mindfulness guide. She is interested in self empowerment and self trust cultivated through the body. At the heart of Kayla's work is a desire to connect to the self and to others, and create spaces of belonging. Her methods of inspiration include dance, somatic and mindfulness practices, pilates & yoga, astrology, oracle cards, and other playful tools. A pisces sun, Kayla is constantly exploring big feelings and is deeply committed to continuous transformation - death and rebirth.

When Dancing

When dancing Kayla is connected to her inner child, allowing impulse to lead and fear to dissipate. She loves to play between line and form, weight and ease, spirals and twirls. Dance helps her tap into joy, pleasure, drama, fun, deep presence, and getting comfortable with change.

When Not Dancing

When not dancing, Kayla is daydreaming, spending time in the sun, drinking coffee, and as of very recently, mopeding around the town!