Tariq Mitri

he/him/hisNew York/Seattle


Tariq Mitri is a freelance dancer, and performing artist. Originally from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, and raised in Portland, OR, he’s danced in LA, SEA, and NYC. He graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2015. He’s been a part of the DC Fam since 2017, has managed NYC Dance Church, and is currently the IRL Program Manager, Training Manager, and Lead Teacher at DC.

When Dancing

Tariq likes to move with forces beyond his control. His lifelong battle will be to find the in-betweens. He finds peace inside of durational dance and interdisciplinary dance/art making. He is committed to helping shape the future of dance and performance to create more equitable, community-oriented structures, and resources for dance & performance artists, makers, and sharers.

When not Dancing

Most of the time, you can find Tariq lounging with his dog Theo (who he’s obsessed with), adventuring in nature, eating ice cream, and being perpetually silly, with his tongue out half the time. He’s also taking a very slow journey into learning pole; look out for moves in 2022.