Alethea Alexander



Alethea is a Seattle-based dance educator and artist. She is a hedonist and a dance/kinesiology nerd. She serves the community as best she can through movement, including guiding weekly Pilates classes for seniors, weekly ballet classes (queered) for professionals and lifelong practitioners, and showing up for others' live art and practices with humor and curiosity.

When Dancing

Touch, effort, ritual, sensuality, construction, exhaustion, unapologetic feminism & attention to detail drive Alethea’s collaborations with ceramic plates, PVC pipe, dry cement, cut glass, and artists Adele Nickel, Rachael Lincoln, Anna Mlasowsky and others.

When not Dancing

Unabashed cat mom to little puma Sergeant Pepper; occasional long-distance cyclist; master at pan-frying tofu; language nerd; dinner party fiend; consistent over-intellectualization of all things social, philosophical, sensual and “ethical.”

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Alethea Alexanderat Century Ballroom
Sun / 6.18 / 10:00 am PDT

Dance On-Demand with Alethea Alexander