Feb 26, 2024

Black History Month: Week 5

We’ve been celebrating Black History Month all month long with special programming over on our socials and blog. We’ve highlighted event and performance engagements in our IRL cities, offered free Dance Church classes to BIPOC individuals for the month of February, interviewed Seattle Dance Church teacher Symone Sanz on her practices, processes, and relationship to community, and shared Black dance history from past to present.

For the final week of BHM, we encourage you to head over to our blog and dive into the the past 4 weeks of juicy programming. Go out, see works from the incredible artists we featured, and join us in celebrating Black History Month this month and every month 🤎

Week 1: Intro to BHM

Week 2: Event and Performance Highlight

Week 3: Interview with Symone Sanz

Week 4: Black Dance History from Past to Present

Join a class in cities across the country, no experience needed!