Mar 16, 2023

We're in Crosscut!

Could Dance Church be the next Zumba?!

Thanks to Marcie Sillman for the great write up on all that we are building and growing here at Dance Church 🌈🌈🌈 Preview the article below and tap the links for the full read!

Could the local exercise craze be the next Zumba? With an infusion of more than $4 million in venture capital, a new business-savvy CEO and widening demand generated by an expanding online audience, the Seattle-based program has started down the path toward becoming a business that can provide regular classes for fitness devotees, living wages for its employees and an opportunity for trained dancers to earn enough money as instructors to support their careers.

“We want to truly support dance artists in a field that is often underfunded,” co-training manager Tariq Mitri says. Mitri, who’s been teaching Dance Church classes since 2017, says one of the program’s fundamental missions is to help dance artists not only teach but maintain their artistic practices.

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