Mar 1, 2024

Women's History Month

Dance Church is a dancer-led, femme-driven space thanks to the heart, commitment and loving communal energy of our community. This month, we are celebrating all women — cis, trans, femme, non-binary women — who continue to inspire and pave the way for gender equality. You can look forward to programming on our blog and socials highlighting women choreographers who have been pivotal in carving the way for diverse voices in dance and culture at large. We’ll also be featuring Lavinia Vago, our Director of Programming, an Italian queen and brilliant dance artist, whose new performance work ‘FKK’ will be premiering this Spring in Seattle.

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📸 Martha Graham was a pioneering American modern dancer and choreographer whose innovative choreography and emphasis on emotional expression revolutionized the dance world, inspiring generations of dancers and paving the way for modern dance as an expressive art form.

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