Brynn Bodair

Washington, DCSHE/HER


Brynn Bodair is a Washington, DC based dance educator, movement artist, choreographer, and entertainment attorney. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in dance and political science, and a J.D. from Southwestern Law School. She also assists artists at the Southwestern Law School Entertainment & the Arts Legal Clinic, which provides pro-bono legal services to independent artists. Brynn cherishes the community and connectivity that movement practices cultivate.

When Dancing

In and out of the studio, Brynn is inspired by worldly observations, written text, and sensations, often pairing or assigning efforts and qualities to literary works to generate movement that is effortful, stilling, and sensual. She understands movement as a necessary practice to flush out energy and open one’s mind to sensation, awareness, and the inner-self.

When Not Dancing

Literary fiction lover, concert-goer, dog mom (to Chocolate the Shi-Poo), and coffee critic. You can catch her at the local bookstore, nerding out over intellectual property law, wandering the Smithsonian museums, jamming out in a cycling class, or lawyering film and television matters. Brynn loves to host friends in DC and travel often.

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Brynn Bodairat As You Are
Sun / 3.10 / 1:00 pm EDT
Pop Up at AS YOU ARE
Dance with Brynn Bodairat Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
Sat / 3.16 / 12:00 pm EDT
Dance with Brynn Bodairat Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
Sat / 3.30 / 12:00 pm EDT