Carmen S. Rizzo



Carmen, from São Paulo, Brazil, is a dancer and choreographer currently based in Boston. She completed the professional training program at Escola de Dança de São Paulo and graduated from Manhattanville College Summa Cum Laude in Dance and Business. Aside from performing, creating movement and teaching movement, Carmen loves getting crafty and traveling. Anything that can be aesthetic and/or therapeutic is a go for her.

When Dancing

Carmen enjoys bringing fierce feline energy to the room. Think unexpected pounce with soft landing. She's all about bringing up the energy in the space and radiating positivity.

When Not Dancing

Baking, creating some other form of art, reading, chatting with friends, sleeping or simply meditating. Those are some of the common activities you can find her doing when dancing isn't present, although she'll most likely add some dance to any and all of the above.

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Carmen S. Rizzoat The Dance Complex
Sun / 10.08 / 10:00 am EDT
Dance with Carmen S. Rizzoat The Dance Complex
Sun / 10.15 / 10:00 am EDT

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