Cody Brunelle-Potter

Los AngelesThey/Them


Cody is a non-binary dance artist and teacher based in Los Angeles. They grew up mostly in the midwest. They began their dance and performance career in NYC after studying theater but have been soaking up all the west coast has to offer since 2015. They work freelance within both the concert and commercial dance world in LA. They are also a fiber artist interested in where movement and fiber sculpture meet.

When Dancing

They are super interested in the extremes of physicality working between extreme virtuosity and softness, using these extremes within the body as a catalyst for story telling. Dance sets them FREE.

When not Dancing

They can be found obsessing over color and shape as they try to tell stories through fiber sculpture. They often collaborate with fellow artist Mimi Haddon on projects and workshops marrying sculpture and movement. They are also usually biking to/from somewhere or trying to see as many shows of all kinds as possible.

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Cody Brunelle-Potter at Stomping Ground LA
Wed / 6.26 / 7:30 pm PDT
Los Angeles
Dance with Cody Brunelle-Potter at Stomping Ground LA
Wed / 7.31 / 7:30 pm PDT
Los Angeles