Kenny Frechette



Hey! I'm Kenny. I'm an independent dance and performing artist living in Portland, OR. I've spent the past decade engaging with arts communities in Portland, Seattle, New York, Orlando, and Europe. Very Queer – Very Gay – Very Grateful. My roots, and a significant chunk of my heart, lie in Florida / The South. My work as an artist, as well as the ways I move through the world as a human and advocate, are deeply shaped by my connection to my first home. Big Love, and Happy Dancing Y'all!

When Dancing

Joy, Abandon, Strength, Fluidity, Ease, Bounce, Bound, Silly, Surprise, and Beyond. I dance to be in relationship -- with myself, music, my surroundings, other people. I know I'm "in it" when I catch myself smiling while I'm moving. ^~^

When Not Dancing

Always reading something (novels, nonfiction, a little poetry). Thrifting cute clothes, knick-knacks, and furniture (love a Portland free pile!). Drives to the Columbia Gorge, the Oregon Coast, anywhere big and spacious and beautiful. Casual astrology & tarot (Leo Sun+Rising, Capricorn Moon). Spending time resting and being with myself. ❤️

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Kenny Frechetteat Open Space
Sun / 4.21 / 10:30 am PDT