Mark your calendar .... MAY 8TH 2022!!

Lavinia Vago

Mark your calendar .... MAY 8TH 2022!!

❤️NYC❤️ - come out for a very special class on Sunday May 8th at 10:30 am EST at Gibney Dance Center... I will be teaching for the first time in years back in New York City!! !! !! On this day, together we will celebrate and honor mothers, caregivers, nurses, caretakers, as well as one of our incredible community member, mother, dancer, and incredible writer Angela Garbes ( Let the dance do the rest!

If you are not in NYC, make sure to tune into Dance Church Go class on May 8th at 10 am PT / `1 pm EST for a very special experience with some of our loved community members...

see you there! 🥰