Maranda Barry

New Yorkshe/her


Maranda Barry is a dance artist from California. She encountered Dance Church shortly after moving to Brooklyn in 2019, and fell right in love. She appreciates a good scream, a good cry, and a loud cackle. She adores this community and is honored to be part of it!

When Dancing

At times she experiences dancing like a practice in trust, a zany flux state, an endless question, or like whizzing through air. She works with text, unconventional spaces, and film. She dances out ideas of dreams, perception, the absurd. She moves to feel real while living in this WILD era.

When not Dancing

She’ll be cooking or eating, practicing yoga, finding opportunities for cold water swimming, or examining spiders and bugs. Loves hanging with kids in any capacity, and living in touch with her (not so hidden) inner child. Currently on a bumpy journey to learn how to rollerskate 🤪

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Maranda Barryat New York Center for Creativity & Dance
Wed / 4.24 / 7:00 pm EDT
New York
NYC Pop-Up Class !!