Masio Sangster

Salt Lake CityHe/Him


Hi beautiful souls! Masio here, but you can also call me Mase! Currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am always exploring my identity, queerness, racial heritage, giving and receiving love, sensitivity, intimacy, and what it means to exist as me and only as myself. I am often distinguishable by my cackling laughter and effervescent energy. I am a freelance dance artist, innovator, cancer, a multidimensional being, light trapped within a vessel, and the circumlocution just keeps going. I am blessed to have been surrounded by so much love and I hope that the love never stops.

When Dancing

Coming from an internalized place, Masio is always searching for the deeper meaning behind his art practice. Finding ways to ground and connect to the spiritual, seeking ultimate euphoria and pleasure within the practice, and making the impossible become possible.

When Not Dancing

You can find Masio daydreaming and often caught up in one of his made-up fantasies about you or someone else, he’s probably sitting in someone’s living room right now enjoying a nice thick slice of cheesecake.

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Masio Sangsterat Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
Sun / 8.25 / 11:00 am MDT
Salt Lake City