Melissa Younker

Salt Lake CityShe/Her


Melissa Younker is a Salt Lake City based artist from Southern California. She has a multifaceted dedication to dance; directing, teaching, choreographing, performing, designing costumes and collaborating in a range of mediums. She is a Capricorn driven by curiosity: engaging in processes that are intimate, sentimental, and unrestrained. Melissa’s work as an artist is always an exchange of ideas - a sharing of wonder.

When Dancing

Melissa welcomes rogue energy as a way to access choice, intuition, authenticity, desire, power, surprise and intention. She is deeply intrigued by the complexity of the body and feels uniquely drawn to the process of endlessly discovering/uncovering more of what our bodies teach us. Infinitely. Joyously. Communally.

When Not Dancing

Melissa is probably creating something with her hands, dreaming up her next travels, in deep conversation with a friend, applying lip balm obsessively, being silly somewhere in the sun, and/or (let’s be honest) organizing her color coordinated calendar.

Melissa Younker's Content