Emily Krause



Emily Krause, born and raised in the PNW, was introduced to movement as a gymnast and quickly fell in love with the artistic side of the sport. She received her BFA in dance from California Institute of the Arts in 2017. Utilizing her background in gymnastics and dance she has danced with companies such as A-WOL Dance Collective and DIAVOLO. In 2018 she ruptured her achilles which required reconstructive surgery, and Dance Church has been an incredible entry point back into her dance journey.

When Dancing

You can find Emily trying to spend most of her time upside down. The world makes more sense from that perspective. Music is such a driving force for her dancing and allows her to dance to the soundtrack of her life, since she is of course the main character.

When not Dancing

If Emily’s injury taught her anything was to find the little joys in life. She loves naps, all you can eat sushi, her cats Pickle and Tuna, and connecting with the people around her.

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Emily Krauseat Open Space
Sun / 7.21 / 10:30 am PDT

Dance On-Demand with Emily Krause