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About Thomas

Oh hey everyone! You can call me Thomas or Tommy and I’m a dance artist, creator, thinker, and libra based in Seattle, WA. I’ve traveled the world performing with various dance companies and if you’re here reading this I’m also your Dance Church superstar! 😉

When Dancing

On a Stage. In a Studio. At a Club. Out in the World. Dance informs and inspires every aspect of my life. My creative practice and interests inhabit a disorienting sparkle-fantasy, with elements of humor, dystopia, conspiracy, queerness, pop culture and sensitivity.

When not Dancing

I’m self caring it up and going on adventures in various ways. Massage, friends, friends, friends, alone time, physical & mental therapy, gym time, baths, cooking, painting my nails, Beyonce concerts, sun and water - to name a few! I love to learn new things and am prone to falling into deep rabbit holes of research.

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Thomas Houseat NOD Theater
Tue / 3.28 / 6:00 pm PDT
Ice cream post-class ritual
Dance with Thomas Houseat NOD Theater
Sat / 4.01 / 11:00 am PDT
Dance with Thomas Houseat Dance Conservatory Seattle
Sun / 4.09 / 10:00 am PDT
Field Trip
Dance with Thomas Houseat Century Ballroom
Sun / 4.16 / 10:00 am PDT

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