Maria Blanco



Maria Blanco is a dancer, choreographer and educator from Bloomfield Hills, MI. Now a true Chicagoan, she enjoys combining social dance with her contemporary training to push the boundaries of dance, what it means to be a dancer, and who can dance. She is on a constant journey to explore how improvisation can be used as a tool for both dancers and non-movers, changing the narrative of where dance is accessible, and whom it is accessible to. She is also the co-founder of LOUD BODIES Dance, a non-profit dance organization that combines dance and activism in collaboration with local non-profit and mutual aid organizations.

When Dancing

She emphasizes freedom, choice-making, joy, and feel-good sweat. When off balance, fueled by process, failure, and authenticity, she feels most like Maria. When dancing she is truly the coolest version of herself: sexy, unapologetic, loud, bright, and groovy. Dancing is for her, but it is also hers to share with the communities of humans and movers she loves so deeply.

When Not Dancing

Going to the movies and eating lots of popcorn; thrifting weird clothes; kissing her cats Bonnie and Tony and her hamster, Hazel; eating food, giggling, and dancing with friends; drinking yummy coffee; listening to too many true crime podcasts; reading her Bon Apetit magazine, collecting funky stickers, telling people they're pretty...

Upcoming Classes

Dance with Maria Blancoat Color Club
Tue / 7.09 / 7:00 pm CDT
Dance with Maria Blancoat Color Club
Tue / 7.16 / 7:00 pm CDT